Sunday, 31 July 2016

Ditching Deegan

Photo: Matt Barrington
Test day
Having not attended the last round at Donington Park for personal reasons I was looking forward to getting back in the car. Having had a number of engine issues the engine was rebuilt and after testing she felt strong and times were good so we were confident to lock out the front row. Which way round it would be only time would tell.

Qualifying day
Knowing that test day went well we put some good times in but just could not get Pole. We made a few changes during qualifying but just could not get close. In fact even if I had nitrous I'm still not sure we would have got to Shayne Deegan's time of a 53.9s!


Race day
So Shayne and I locked out the front rows for both races and I know in the past when I have been on the front row with him I have always ended up in front, 😂. Lights went out and low and behold I was in front. Both of us were side-by-side going into Druids and both waiting to out brake each other meant sadly that we both ended up in the gravel. My in-car video can be seen on YouTube. 

We both managed to get out but I ended up a lap behind. Enjoyed catching back up but then the engine started to get right so pulled off. We later found the crank was at fault which was very annoying considering it had just been rebuilt.

Race 2 we were unsure if i would get out as I had no spare engine for this weekend. Tomo decided on the Sunday morning that I could race his car but it meant I had to start at the back. Once again great fun to come through the field to finish 5th.

Photo: Matt Barrington
I was also offered to drive Tomo's son's brand new 7 on the Saturday which brought back some memories. Starting from the back of a field of 32 I ended up 10th. A very enjoyable race and a good start for his 7. 

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