Sunday, 22 May 2016

A bad start gets better....ish!

Photos: Matthew Barrington

Cadwell Park
May 14-15

With my Lincolnshire upgrades we were hoping for a good session but sadly the results were disappointing as we were much slower than last year. After being in a grump at the end of the day it was time to put it behind me and hope qualifying went well.


Hot on the heels of Shayne Deegan.
I have always been one to try and get out first especially at such a small track like Cadwell. Sadly that bloody Orange car got in front and then to my frustration the Club Clown (Rob Howard) decided to push in, clearly not well educated! 

Anyhow after leaving the assembly area it wasn’t too long before we blew away the clown and we set out to do out laps. Having seen Shane switch the nitrous on in the Orange car I knew it was going to be hard to get on pole but the front row was the key. My pit board was showing the right signs but then went to P3 so came in to make some small adjustment but despite going quicker still ended up 3rd but a lot quicker than the test day, so happy…….ish!

Race 1
Great start to get behind Shane then cocked up and sadly created the accident with Bill “sorry Bill” and ended up in the barrier, thankfully it was an airbag so managed to continue, finished 10th. Considering all what happened I will take the points. 

Race 2

Again a great start, Mr Sollis once again must have forgotten how to start in his old age!! After that a pretty boring race but I tried and tried to put pressure on the orange car but did not succeed in passing it, although Shane did have a moment at the mountain.

Combe here we come.

Shayne Deegan took 1st, Kane (left) in 2nd and Bill Sollis in 3rd (right)

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